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Important notice: LWFC and COVID-19

Dear Parents,

Of course, everyone is aware of the risks of Corvid19 and our need to limit the spread of the virus. The Club and the Committee would like to advise what we are implementing as a result of this crisis.

Firstly, on the games, all will be cancelled in accordance with the FA directions and the Govt. advice. This includes any friendly games. Currently, the cancellation is for circa 4 weeks, and we will review the situation then, but we do not expect the season to recommence so, unfortunately, it’s likely that will be it for the 2019/20 season.

The Club has also cancelled all training sessions and team gatherings. We have also advised Manager’s not to enter tournaments for the time being. These events usually take place in May & June and their continuation must be in doubt so rather than enter now and then try and recoup entry fees if it gets cancelled, we recommend that Managers wait until the situation becomes clearer. This may mean if the situation significantly improves that we miss out on a few old favourites but so be it for this year. Finally, the Committee will review the plans for the end of season Awards Day in May and decide then what (if any) type of event that we will hold. End of season medals will be purchased for all players, but their distribution will be considered nearer the time.

The 2019/20 season has been like no other and we are conscious that some of our Sunday teams have played little this season due to the weather and now the virus. For those teams who have played less than 10 games the Committee has decided to refund parents a small portion of their subs to reflect the missed games. This refund will be reflective of our variable costs (basically the match day fees of the referee’s amortised across the squad). All our other costs, pitch and training hire, kit, affiliations, insurances etc. are all fixed costs for the year whether we play a full season or just a handful of games, but we can be considerate with the matchday fees. For those teams that this applies we will advise your Manager with further details and he can pass this on but it's likely to be a discount off next season’s fees as the easiest way to do this. For those parents who still owe some subscriptions please can you pay any outstanding fees as we still have costs for the remainder of the season.

This is a difficult period for all, and we do encourage that you all keep in touch via differing media’s as we can’t meet up. Obviously, your family commitments come first but remember your friends within the Club and try and keep in touch during this football hiatus. Hopefully, you and your family members will all stay safe and well and the disruption to life won’t be too bad. As soon as the situation changes, we will get back in touch but for now, it’s a football free world.

Take care,


Paul Baigent


Leek Wootton FC

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