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Leek Wootton FC... at the Champions League!

Two of our Club’s Managers went to see Champions League games this week. Under 12’s Manager and Chairman Paul went to the Etihad to see Man City play Atalanta from Italy whilst Under 13’s Manager, Kesh went to see his beloved Chelsea play at the Johan Cruyff against Ajax from Amsterdam. We caught up with them and heard them have a chat…

Paul – Hi Kesh I was at the Etihad this week, six goals a win for City and a good atmosphere, not bad for a £30 ticket and that was for the best seat’s; good value.

Pre-match at the Etihad

Kesh – Good game then and definitely good value, my trip to Amsterdam was a tad more expensive but it was a great trip; a late winner which sent the Chelsea fans home happy; and they put on a great show of support too.

Paul – Yes the Atalanta fans were great too; they took the lead through a penalty and started well and their fans who numbered about 5,000 were in great songs and with plenty of banners and flags. They quietened down a bit when the City goals went in but were nonetheless a great credit to their club. I love seeing the fans on European nights; each country adds something extra which you don’t see on a Premiership match.

Outside the Johan Cruyff Arena

Kesh – Totally, the Ajax supporters made some racket every time Chelsea attacked their goal, really getting behind their team and trying to put Chelsea off... but didn't stop Chelsea getting the winner and a deserved victory! Chelsea have some outstanding young English talent playing in the Champions League this season and, as a long time Season Ticket holder, it's great to see and long overdue.

Paul – Obviously Chelsea's transfer ban has played it's part in that change of direction!

It’s my second time to the Etihad; it’s a fine stadium, very neat and tidy good views and there’s a high consideration for the fans with their facilities. Yes I know it’s an old Athletics stadium (built for the Commonwealth Games in 2002 - Ed) and it’s a little bit away from the pitch at one side but they have modified it well.

Kesh – who stood out for you?

Paul – Well where do you start, the Man City team are full of great players, the movement from Aguero is fantastic to watch and Sterling seems to improve with every game. His finishing is very good now, he scored three but missed an easier chance to make it four goals. Phil Foden is definitely a star in the making; he’s everywhere and is the likely successor for David Silva. He still has plenty to learn mind. Two silly tackles meant two yellow cards and that makes a red. Both could have been avoided and on the night it didn’t make any difference but on another day it could. The crowd didn’t like it and the referee got a few boo’s but he had no choice, they were two stupid fouls that stopped an attack, and when you are 5-1 up there’s no need.

Great view of the Etihad pitch!

Kesh – Didn’t know you were a Man City fan by the way?

Paul – I’m not but I was in Manchester and got offered a ticket and if you love football like I do why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to see some top players. A great night out.

Kesh – How far do you think the two teams will go in this season’s Champions League?

Paul – Well this is Atalanta’s first foray into Europe’s top competition and I think it showed. They played a very open attacking game and City just picked them off. I suspect 3rd place in the group is the best they can get, as for City well they have been long overdue a final appearance and I think this could be their year for them. What about your two teams Kesh?

Pre-match at the Johan Cruyff Arena

Kesh – I wasn’t expecting much from Chelsea this season but, after a shaky start, they are looking good (thankfully). It’s a tough group but I can see Chelsea going through to the knockout stages, along with Ajax. They didn’t look great this week but are a very good team. Reaching the Semi-finals last season, and being knocked out by a dodgy Spurs goal, shows how good they are.

One final thing Paul, do you think our lads could learn anything from the very best?

Paul – oh yes the way that City played it out from the back was very impressive I’m sure our lads could learn from them on that, particularly how they played out goal kicks with the new rule change, plenty to learn.

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