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Chairman's Chatter (what's that Old Guy saying now!?!)

New web site and a new blog from me, Paul Baigent, the Chairman of Leek Wootton, surely the greatest football club ever – well the greatest in the village of Leek Wootton for sure!

Yes, welcome to our new web site that sees in the new season. It’s been a couple of seasons since we had our own site and we have worked hard over the summer to get it up and running in time for the big kick off. There are still a few gaps and there is plenty of opportunity for you to add to the site – it’s your site help build it with photos and reports and anything else you think is worthwhile promoting our great club.

Special thanks to Kesh for his hard work in setting this up, he’s done a great job. Kesh is one of many volunteers within the Club who have worked very hard over the summer to make sure that our children all have fun come the first weekend in September.

The coaches and the Committee do an enormous amount of work during the season but they probably do even more during the summer months getting things ready for the new campaign so, from time to time, please take time to thank those who enable your child to have so much fun playing football, and thanks also to the various League Committees who work tirelessly to get the leagues ready for the children to play the great game. Grass Roots football only keeps going with the hard dedication of the volunteers up and down the country, without them, well its back to the Xbox!

There are some new rule changes being introduced this year and all of our coaches have been briefed on these and I hope that they have passed things down to their players. An important one is the introduction of Sin Bin’s for dissent. At Leek Wootton we are proud of our good record with regards to respect for officials and I sincerely hope that this continues. I am sure all of our players want to be the best at this and the greatest at that but who really wants the record of being the first Club member to sit out game time in the Sin Bin? Nobody will want that record so do your best and keep our good record intact and respect the officials at all times.

That’s all for this edition of Chairman’s Chatter – I will be back soon with another instalment over the first few weeks of the season.

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